Saturday, 9 February 2013

Minecraft APK MODDED...

Name: Minecraft
Version: 0.6.1
1.Flying in survival: you can fly in survival
2.Player nametag: if another player joins the game, the player's name will be above the player itself.
3.255 server slot: 255 people can join your server
4.a lot More items in creative: additional items like tnt, flint, monster egg, etc
5.Can open chest in creative: you can use chest in creative
6.Antifog: no Fog
7. Whoever uses this can see each other on mcpe if they are online at the same time.
8. When you die, there is no drop
Link: [URL] [/URL]

Made by me

The latest version will be updated as soon as i can.

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  1. Plz plz plz make one for mcpe 0.7.1 thank u!!


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